Aragon Sav San (Import Latvia)


Born 11/02/2015
Owned by E Pieton and J Rebbeck

Aragon has been years in the waiting. After several failed attempts at Artificial Insemination with imported semen by Aragon's sire 'Oksamit De Grande Vinko', We decided to start looking for a pup sired by him, somewhere in Europe. We also wanted the pups Dam to have the health test results and pedigree we desired. Aragons dam 'Markiza Sav San' was just what we were looking for. So finally we found our boy and after much time, effort and money, he is here.

Why did we persevere so... just google 'Oksamit de Grande Vinko' and it will be obvious why we think he is simply an awesome dobe. He is agile, beautiful yet substantial, smart, highly trainable, a loyal family dog and has good health and longevity behind him. Aragon was bred by Sav San kennels in Latvia.




Aragon has a lovely strong head with plenty of bone and rich rust markings. These attributes are being passed on to his pups.


  • DNA vWd negative
  • DNA DCM1 (PDK4) negative
  • DNA DCM2 negative
  • Teeth and eyes normal Certificate
  • Liver and kidneys normal (blood tests 2016)


    International Ch Nitro Del Rio Bianco
    Leo Vom Markischen Land IPO3
    Isa Vom Markischen Land
    Latvian Ch Oksamit De Grande Vinko(UKR) IPO3
    International Ch Pluto De Grande Vinko
    International Ch Gekata De Vinco Iz Doliny Dalmenov IPO1
    Russian Ch Aida De Grande Vinko

    Ethos Steinhage Grad
    International Ch Teraline Floydt IPO1
    Internation Ch Teraline Montera
    International Ch Markiza Sav Sanis(UKR) IPO1
    International Ch Livonijas Baron Hitch Cock
    International Ch Nevada SavSan IPO3
    Aust Decora Destiny Pilgrimas

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