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Super dobe!! All she needs is a cape...

Shylo and Heidi go for a swim

Shylo found a stick.

Shylo plays hide and seek

Find Waldo's Dobermann

Flame and Indi have a race around the paddock

Dexter and Sash participate in some coordinated destruction

Heidi acting like a hat.

Dobermanns and cats unite in an attempt to take up my entire bed and make me sleep on the couch. They succeeded.

Rumour and a baby from her 2010 litter


Dexter pulls a shirt off the line


Oh Hi!

Caitlin nests up with the dobes next to the fireplace

Remus guards the washing line

Rogue takes a nap in the sun

Rogue then tries to eat the camera

Rogue redeems herself by being cute.

Rogue continues being cute. She can't help it.

A pup from one of our older litters

Two pups try to take down the Mikie-monster


I take on my role as a dobermann pillow. Only way to watch TV.

Where Flame can be found on a cold day.

Flame plays with baby Ripley.

Garrison in the warm Spring Canberra sun.. why yes, it is snowing.

Heidi sharing her food with Leo


Indi and one of her bubs

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but I think I can tell who's winning...

The dobes play a game of toss-the-teddy

Raven claims the best spot in the house

Raven makes the best of it after a day shearing the sheep

Dexter and Sash eat Sylvester

The game is on

The game heats up

Sash wins

Shylo and Tommy

Shylo looks over her kingdom

Shylo then proceeds to act like a sheep...

Flame desparate to go outside at 2am.. What the?? SNOW!!

Indi and Raven have play time in the snow at a more reasonable hour

Indi bear and more snow on 12/10/2012

Shylo and Indi

Rico, no stranger to the white stuff

Indi .. again
Dobes play catball

Bubbles in Newman WA

Bubbles just lovin it

Nathan and Luise's beautiful dobes Bosco and Aster

Flame and Leo pigging out

Minx with her buddy Duke

Gus enjoying time at the Beach

Anna's munchkins in Adelaide, Zinzi and Otto, posing for a photo shoot

Lee's boy Harley in Adelaide, looking adorable