Redshift pups
Our aim is to produce well-balenced dobes and maintain the Dobermann type in accordance with FCI standards. We believe temperament ranks over appearence, so while maintaining the standard in appearence, we aim to produce dogs with outstanding temperaments to suit the family and working lifestyle that Dobermanns are known to have. From the start, every dobe pup has a unique temperament. We pride ourselves in finding the best home to suit each puppy, based on that puppy's temperament. For this purpose, we require a lot of information on potential Redshift dobie owners as this information will help us match a puppy with the best possible home and determine if a dobe is the right breed to suit your lifestyle. As I'm sure you're well-aware, owning a puppy of any breed is a big responsibility and is not to be taken lightly.


Quality pups from predominantly Australian and USA bloodlines with just a hint of Europe.

Born 22nd of November 2018 to Juno aka 'Redshift Devilish Fun' and the lovely boy Sonny 'Australian Champion Engelheutte War Machine WAC'. Pups are ready to go to their new homes now.

Both Juno and Sonny are health tested and also Diversity tested through VGL UCDavis in California. According the genetic tests and simulation on betterbred.com, this litter is very much an outcross mating, where the pups have lower homozygosity than the average Dobermann. According to scientific studies, animals with higher diversity are generally healthier than animals that are highly inbred.

We select potential breeding dogs based on health test results, genetic compatibility, temperament, conformation and structural soundness. As a result of careful selection, we have produced this litter.

While Dobermanns do make excellent family dogs, they need to go to families that have the time to provide the mental and physical stimulation that is needed by this breed. The Dobermann does best when they are an intricate part of the family as well as trained and exercised daily.

These little guys would be ideal as family pets and also have potential as sporting dogs for obedience, agility, schutzhund or other dog sports where high trainability, intelligence, confidence and energy are required.

We have a female and a male puppy available to a loving homes.



week 1

week 3

week 6

week 6

Miss five: ideal for family, she is friendly and confident.



Mr three: Stunning boy, would make a loving and protective family member.



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