Redshift Reckless Desire E.T.


DOB 19/06/2010

No words can really describe this boy. He is supremely confident, adores children (and anyone who will give him a pat,) yet at the same time is an amazing level-headed protector of home and family. Nothing fazes him. He has a wicked sense of humour which together with his almost human intelligence makes him the best friend anyone could want. A very sound and powerful male with a beautiful strong head.


Weighing in at 40 kg at 9 months of age, as an adult, this boy has plenty of substance. He is a very well balanced dog in both temperament and type who is very agile, considering his size. Rousseau is also a high drive dog that was born to play a game of tug.


Brother to Flame, Rousseau resides in Canberra with his best-bud Riot and his humans, Annette and Charlie.



Rousseau has just started out in the show ring and has so far taken out a first place in class at the ACT specialty show

Titles held:
ET (Endurance)


  • DNA vWd negative
  • DNA DCM1 (PDK4) negative
  • DNA DCM2 Positive Heterozygous
  • DNA Dings negative
  • COI (10 generations) = 0.69%
  • Teeth normal (42 correct position) with scissor bite and good occlusion
  • Eyes normal (ANKC eye scheme)
  • Liver and kidney function normal - tested 2011
  • Thyroid normal - tested 2011 (T4 = 31)
  • hip score very good - tested 2011 (score = 6)
  • elbow score excellent - tested 2011 (score = 0)
  • Colour Inheritance BbDd
  • Echocardiogram and ECG normal (2016)


    Rui Manuel Del Rio Bianco (CZE)
    Pol Ch Latino Lorenco V Cobra (DEU)
    Merlin V Cobra (CZE)
    Federico Moravia Heart (imp Czech Rep.)
    POL CH Eria Pro Maestro Di Capella (RUS)
    POL CH SVK CH Chakori Moravia Heart (CZE)
    CZECH.CH. Quartessa Quirra Z Helfstyna (CZE)

    Ch Chektaf Supreme Thor
    Ch Fireax Twice The Valour WAC
    Ch Imxquisit Twice as Fancy
    Ch Redshift Mystical Desire
    Ch Fireax Image of Force ET CD
    Redshift Mystic Star
    Ch Travalee Favel Star ADX JDX CDX ET ROM

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